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Question: How did Anne Frank change the world!?
She wrote a book and told the world her story!. But how exactly did that change the world!? Www@QuestionHome@Com

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I don't know if it "changed" the world!. What it did was give the world a whole different perspective on the horrors of the Nazi persecution!. She was in hiding for a couple of years before she and her family were discovered!. We actually get to see the horrid situation she was in through the eyes of a child who had barely begun to live!. She also showed a human side!. It's not the same to be told that people were persecuted, than actually seeing one of the persecuted tell of their own ordeal trying to escape that persecution!.Www@QuestionHome@Com

I think her diary changed the world in ways unimaginable!.

To every page we read, it is really just a page, however to Anne Frank, it was an account of the drama's and terror's she had experienced that day!. The world was moved by this book, especially Germans of that time who were still supporter's of Hitler, because as they looked at passages they realised that Anne was just like any other girl (and remember, Anne was a Jew and Jews then were considered disgusting and inhumane to supporter's of the Nazi Party)!. I think the book also really moves people emotionally!. The book also has much anxiety in it, like the passages you read when she is hiding from the Gestapo!. She wrote right up until the time when she and her family were captured and were sent to the concentration camp!. The book is full of sadness and I think it is an emotional rollercoaster!. And then, accepting that what you are reading is a true account of a teenage girl is truly incredible!.

I think Anne Frank's Diary is truly inspirational!.

it teaches every young people not to lose hope in the world of hopelessness!. it teaches the contemporary young people that even in the eyes of young child, spirit, encouragement and bravery has no limits, no boundaries and life's lessons are not meant to be learnt in the four-walled classroom alone but also in everyday living!.Www@QuestionHome@Com

I'm not sure it changed the world!. But it does send a message to never give up!. Never loose hope!. Find happiness in the things you have rather than thinking you'll find happiness in the things you want!.
The Diary of Anne Frank, the world has not listened to it's true message!. Peace and Love, not War and Hate!.Www@QuestionHome@Com

It taught the world about discrimination!.
I mean, look what she had to go through in the second world war!.
They werent allowed to go to the toilet between specific hours!.
she lost her family!. her dad was taken away, her mum and sister died!
It showed how badly jews were treated in the war!.
It was horrible!.

she gave a face to the atrocity of the Holocaust!.Www@QuestionHome@Com