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Question: How can I become a fashion photographer for Vogue magazine, or hopefully Vogue Italia!?
I am 14, and I've finally found that fashion photography is something I'm passionate about, and the only career I want is in fashion photography!. I want to work for Vogue magazine, particularly if possible Vogue Italia, what should I do!? And can I get into a good fashion/photography school without having a scholarship!? also, will I have to move to New York to go to school, even though I'm American and plan ultimately to work for Vogue Italia!? I just want to know everything that I must do in order to become a well-paid professional fashion photographer!.

And I must say that I am an African American male, and I must admit that I am worried that perhaps because of racism, I might not get the job in the U!.S!. or in Italy!. Should I be worried, or does talent overshine race in these situations!?

And one more silly thing!.!.!.If I do Vogue Italia, will I get paid in American of Italian currency!?Www@QuestionHome@Com

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First off, get the racism crap out of your head!. If you're good enough, they truly don't care what color your skin is!. If you go through life with that chip on your shoulder, you're going to cut yourself out of a lot of opportunities!.
You can get into almost any school you want without a scholarship, as long as you've got the money to pay for it!.
Will you have to move to NY!? Better than that, New York Institute of Photography (NYIP) is a home based photo school with course from basic "which end do I point at the subject" to a fully professional level!. The only one that can get you a job with Vogue, or lose it, is you!. You need to develope skills and the vision to capture images that the magazine wants to use!. The trick is to make your images stand out above all the others that have wanted to be in their magazine since they were 14!. To do this you're going to need to learn everything you can and practice constantly to get good enough!. Good luck, I hope to see your work there some day!.Www@QuestionHome@Com