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Question: I need help with Macbeth!!?
1!. Is Duncan a fool for going to Macbeth's castle and not suspecting the danger posed to him there by Macbeth & Lady Macbeth!? Why or why not!?

2!. Describe Macbeth's behavior in the aftermath of Duncan's murder!. Does Macbeth's behavior leave any room for readers and audience members to feel sympathy for him!? Why or why not!?

3!. Think about Macbeth's position at the conclusion of Act III!. In what ways has his ambition, which allowed him to obtain the Scottish throne in the first place, begun to be detrimental to him!? Cite specific examples from the play in your response!.

4!. Do you think the ways in which the predictions of the witches come true in the play's final acts are satisfying and appropriate!? Or do you find the fact that the predictions are based on doublespeak and misinterpreted meanings to be disappointing!? Explain your answer!.Www@QuestionHome@Com

Best Answer - Chosen by Asker:
1!. Duncan has no reason to suspect MacBeth, who has been Duncan's champion on the battlefield!. Shucks, Duncan almost promised MacBeth the throne--why should he not overnight in the castle of the guy who's won wars for him!?

2!. MacBeth would not have murdered Duncan if Lady M!. had not driven him to it!. He is unable to complete the act as planned because he can't reconcile Duncan's innocence and his murder!. There's room for sympathy there!.

3!. MacBeth's ambition!? While he had some, that's not his flaw!. His flaw is that he's too easily influenced by witches and wives!. His misdeeds are starting to drive him to desperation and a sort of mental illness--depression, I'd guess!. But it's not his ambition that's driving him there!.

4!. I tend to look on the witches' predictions as being the engine for self-fulfilling prophecies, not as accurate indicators of fate!. MacBeth expects to lose his kingdom tho' he's under the delusion that he's indestructible; when MacDuff reveals that he was not "born of woman" but "from his mother's womb untimely ripped" (what a crock! C-section still counts as a birth!), then MacBeth expects to be killed--and he manages to make it happen!.Www@QuestionHome@Com