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Question: Is iPOP a good experince for my daughter!?
My daughter got to e chosen for iPOP, but as a mother I was a little skeptical about paying close $7000!.00!. My daughter really wants to do it!. I don't know weather to pay the money or not!.Www@QuestionHome@Com

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Is ipop! Expensive!? Yes!. Is it a great experience!? Yes!. Go to youtube or myspace, and see what the kids themselves are posting!.

There are always different ways to get involved in the Modeling and Acting business, you should choose what is right for you and your family!.

When you are paying to go to iPOP!, you pay for hotel, training, airfare, photo shoots, ect!.

You can always try to go directly to agents, and submit your photos for representation, or try and get appointments with them!.

iPOP! is just one way, do your research and see what fits for you!.

FYI Wilhelmina agency (LA), and Elite agency (NY, Miami, Atlanta, LA, Toronto and Chicago) attend iPOP! Just call them and ask!.

There are a lot of agencies that do as well!.


I would NOT!.

The following is from http://www!.easybackgroundcheck!.com/ipop

Background Report
March 29, 2005

[Last Updated: April 05, 2005 ]

IPOP wants thousands of dollars but IPOP's website provided zero information about the background of its leadership and no justification of its pricing!.

International Presentation of Performers (IPOP) is a new talent and modeling convention which reportedly costs the astronomical price of $7,000!1 At this price, IPOP is the most expensive modeling convention in America, and indeed, the world!.

Helen Rogers, according to one person, is the founder of IPOP!. She denied it!. She used to own and operate IMTA (International Modeling and Talent Association), a controversial similar modeling and talent convention, which cost $5,000, also based out of Arizona!. IMTA was heavily promoted by John Robert Powers, and JRP is now promoting IPOP to its students!.2 Currently, indeed, the only known business promoting IPOP is JRP!.

One news report described the event:

The performers (actors, models, singers and dancers) who will audition at this event have been studying to develop their skills!. Under the guidance of professional coaches, each of the young performers attending iPOP! will spend several hours each day during this four-day even[t] in professional coaching sessions, workshops and auditions, and will meet with agents, managers, and casting directors!. Those who are selected at auditions will perform in a professional showcase at iPOP!'s Celebration of Success Awards Night on July 20, where top international agents will be seeking their first new star, and performers will receive awards for excellence in their field!.3

"Not one top model I've worked with in 20 years went to modeling school!."1

— Susan Wehmann, Wehmann Agency
"The best advice I can give is to check out an agency before going for an interview, and during the interview ask who their major clients are and what their success rate is in placing children in jobs!."2

— Elisabeth Smith, Elisabeth Smith Model Agency (Child Model Agent since 1960)
"You never write the agency a check for your marketing materials, pictures, etc!."3

— Dominick Palazzo, IMI Talent Management
"Children under 5 don't need professional photographs to get started in modeling, according to a 40-page report on modeling scams issued by the New York City Department of Consumer Affairs!. Snapshots also suffice for adult models at "open calls" held by legitimate modeling agencies, during which anyone is able to walk in and hear an honest evaluation of his or her modeling potential!."4

— Kiplinger's Personal Finance
"They come to me after spending two, three, four thousand dollars on classes, pictures and attending conventions and expect me to take them on, but I can tell right away that there's no potential!."5

— Liz Bell, Liz Bell Agency
"The Association of Model Agents has a list of reputable agents!. Check their websites out, never go to a private address and never pay money upfront!."6

— Sarah Doukas, Managing Director, Storm Model Management
"Another common scheme comes from firms that charge people hundreds or even thousands of dollars to be listed in their "talent directories," which are then mailed to agents and producers!. It seems like a great way to be seen, but in reality, most agents don't even glance at these directories!. The vast majority of directories end up in the trash as unopened dreams!."7

— Natasha Esch, President, Wilhelmina Models
"There are several ways for parents to protect themselves from scams!. First, you should immediately be wary of anyone who asks for money up front!."8

— Natasha Esch, President, Wilhelmina Models
"I don't believe that a scouting service should cost thousands of dollars and ask that you travel long distance in order to meet with them!."9

— Katie Ford, President, Ford Models
"I know a lot of people spend money on unnecessary pictures and classes!. These horror stories could be avoided if the parents knew how the child modeling industry works!."10

— Valerie Miller, Mother
"Agents who ask you for money up front—whether it be for a photo session, composite, head sheet or any other promotional tool—should be avoided!."11

— Natasha Esch, President, Wilhelmina Models
"Unfortunately there are not only respectable and professional agencies in this business!. These so-called "agencies" mostly offer classes, e!.g!., "How to become a model," where they teach anybody who pays their expensive fees upfront!. These "black sheeps" under all model agencies mostly promise young boys and girls a big international career, if they sign up for their expensive classes!."12

— Louisa von Minckwitz, Founder and Director, Louisa Models, Germany
"If [a girl] comes off the street into Elite and we think she has potential, she doesn't need to pay for classes!. Somewhere down the line, she may take runway classes, which she doesn't pay for!. We absolutely bear the burden!. If a girl has talent and potential to become a model, of course, we help!. It's a scam of [the model] paying $1,000 or $2,000!. That's [expletive]!"13

— Monique Pillard, President, Elite Model Management
"A new model should not have to spend thousands of dollars traveling to outrageously expensive "modeling conventions" in order to be "seen" by national agencies!. It is a placement agent’s job to promote a model and get her placed nationally!. If a model has the potential to work in a national or international market, his or her local mother agency should be able to do the placement, or get them seen by the best agencies worldwide!."14

— Exposure, Inc!., Kansas City, Missouri
"An opportunity to get you an audition and actually getting you work are two different things!. Anyone who promises you work is talking out of both sides of their mouth!."15

— Kay Tanner, Vice President, Genesis Models & Talent Agency
"No one can promise employment!. That's not the agent's decision, it's dependent on the client or the director's approval!. You have to go out and audition and get the work!."16

— Melissa Goodman, Executive Director, SAG and AFTRA Atlanta
"If they take one penny from you up front, do an about face and run as quickly as you can!. If they want any fees up front, they're out for your money and not out to market you or your child!. An agent makes money when you, the talent, makes money!."17

— Scott Woodside, Actor
"An agent works for you and gets you work!. The only time they get money is when you get money!."18

— James Legatt, Actor, Instructor, Georgia Ensemble Theater Conservatory


Don't do it! Just because your daughter wants something doesn't mean you should pay 7 grand for it! I am a kid and I would hate even asking my parents for that money! That's crazy!. It might be a wonderful experience for her, but you DO NOT want to spoil her!Www@QuestionHome@Com

Sounds like a scam to me!. Every child wants to be a model, but the actaul precent is probably very low!. I think they just want your money!.Www@QuestionHome@Com