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Question: What group moved to the west in the early 1800s to escape religious persecution!? where did they go!?
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Probably the Mormons and they went to UTAH!. Www@QuestionHome@Com

From 1846 to 1869, more than 70,000 Mormons traveled along an integral part of the road west, the Mormon Pioneer Trail!. The trail started in Nauvoo, Illinois, traveled across Iowa, connected with the Great Platte River Road at the Missouri River, and ended near the Great Salt Lake in Utah!. Generally following pre-existing routes, the trail carried tens of thousands of Mormon emigrants to a new home and refuge in the Great Basin!. From their labors arose the State of Deseret, later to become the Utah Territory, and finally the State of Utah!.

The Mormon pioneers shared similar experiences with others traveling west: the drudgery of walking hundreds of miles, suffocating dust, violent thunderstorms, mud, temperature extremes, bad water, poor forage, sickness, and death!. They recorded their experiences in journals, diaries, and letters that have become a part of our national heritage!.

The Mormons, however, were a unique part of this migration!. Their move to the Valley of the Great Salt Lake was not entirely voluntary, but to maintain a religious and cultural identity it was necessary to find an isolated area where they could permanently settle and practice their religion in peace!. This was a movement of an entire people, an entire religion, and an entire culture driven by religious fervor and determination!.Www@QuestionHome@Com

That would be my ancestors!.!.!. the Mormons!.!.!. mine ended up in Logan Utah!.

Not bad people, just a tad bit misinformed!. Thank God my family continued to evolve!.

A positive point about this is I'm very into genaeology, and they have a great website!.!.!.!. I've gone back to the 15th century!.Www@QuestionHome@Com

mormon they went to utah ereaWww@QuestionHome@Com