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Question: World History Question please help me out 10 pts!? !?
Okay i just really am not getting this assignment and so can one of u guys help me out!.!.!. IM NOT TRYING TO CHEAT, PROMISE

OKay here it goes

Because of your expertise in archaeology, you have just been asked to assist with the assessment of a recent find for a new exhibit at the Museum!. Unfortunately, your observers at the site only have access to a fax machine!. They have faxed you the following description of the site:

This site was discovered outdoors in an uncovered area!.

The site includes a circular concrete object 3' 6" high and 5' in diameter, with a base underneath which connects to the ground!.

The circular concrete object has another concrete object of much smaller proportions on each side of it!.

The two smaller objects are 1 and 1/2' high, 5' in length and curved in a half-moon shape!.

Each of the two smaller objects also has an extension underneath that allows the object to rest upon a flat area made up of red bricks!.

The red bricks cover a space of 20' by 30'!.

These artifacts were found at the site:

Two small square objects with a thin wax coating!. The objects have small spout openings with a strong smell permeating from the interior!.

Three cylinder shaped metal objects small and light enough to hold in one hand!. Ants are crawling inside and out of each object!.

One hard-paper covered object containing hundreds of individual slices inside!. Pictures, writings, and maps are on the slices!.

One additional hard-paper covered object containing individual slices with numbers and writings on each of the slices!.

One soft, crumpled, paper object with a small amount of rose coloring!.

Five metal objects with jagged edges secured on a small metal ring!.

Now that you have read the information provided by your observers, the Director has asked you to come up with your own hypothesis concerning this site!. Please note, this assignment requires you to use your imagination!. There are no right or wrong answers in your identifications, as long as you provide a logical hypothesis including each of the objects!. Your presentation is very important!. You should record your findings!.

Items that must be in your report:

An answer to the question, "What is a hypothesis!?"

An assessment of each of the objects!. Identify what you think each object is!.

A time period associated with the objects!.

The name or type of site you are viewing!.

An answer to the following questions:

Were the objects at the site left by people!?

If so, how many people were present!?

Can you determine the gender of the people!?

A suggested scenario or story representing how the objects were left behind!. Be thorough, logical, and creative!.

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