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Question:Hitler called the Nazis the nationalist socialist party of Germany so why does he hate socialists and communists.
Also why did he persecute gypsies, what did they do wrong?

Best Answer - Chosen by Asker: Hitler called the Nazis the nationalist socialist party of Germany so why does he hate socialists and communists.
Also why did he persecute gypsies, what did they do wrong?

I don't think there is any rational explanation for Hitler's actions. He was a persuasive nutcase.

Cause he wasn't one but he wanted to be one but he didn't want to do that in front of his country.

He hated anyone who didn't have 'pure blood', and would took money away from him and his followers.

My Mom survived one of his holding camps - she and her family fled East Germany when she was 4. She still has mental and physical issues stemming from him and his megalomaniacal ways.

I think Hitler really hated himself, but took it out on anyone who was different.

Gypsies are thieves and rob people blind. They've been doing it for hundreds of years. A lot of people hate, and Hitler was just another man who didn't like them. Same with the communist party. A lot of people were against communists, especially in the 40's and 50's. Again, Hitler just happened to be one of those people I suppose.

Gypsies were seen to be of inferior stock and he wanted to make Germans a pure Aryan race. The Gypsy race is actually a mix of races from India and Western Asia.
Communist ideals were totally opposite to Hitler's.
It wasn't that he hated these people personally, Hitler was obsessed with his ideals and anyone who did not fit in had to go!

he hated communists and jews because when he lived rough in vienna they got jobs and housing over him, and he became spiteful over time. Gypsies he saw as being against the "correct" german way of life

Hitler hated anyone that wasn't going to be on his side.. It didn't matter what you were... If you weren't on his side, you were his enemy

Er, you'll find the people he really hated were the Jews; that's why he organised the 'final solution' which resulted in literally half the Jews on the planet being wiped out.

Yes, the gypsies and also JWs were disliked, but there was no extermination programme for them as there was for the Jews.

The political left was a major political force in Germany starting from the end of WW !.Communists were engaged in promoting labor unrest, organizing unions and other social/political groups. The Communists were the Nazis main political rivals, and thus an early target for elimination. Their "roots" were Slavic, in Russia, and thus inferior beings.

Gypsies were prominent travelers, vagabonds, and social outsiders with distinct language, social, cultural customs. That difference condemned them to the camps.

are you kidding? he hated everyone he didn't need a reason. the first to be slaughtered was disabled.

He was full of self hate. He may have been concerned thathe himself was a gypsy. At any rate he lived in Vienna as a good for nothing. He did not like to workand resented theJews who were industrious. His lazyb nesseventually led to him committing suicide. he did not want to face the consequences of his criminality .

Te gypsies were considered to be outcasts in society, therefore they were expendable. I Hitlers Eugenics program, all races that were not Nordic were considered to be inferior. Some were races that were sub par to the Nordics and would be given a pass to live in society. Then there were the slave races that would work. Then there were the expendable races and groups, Jews, Gypsies, and homosexuals.

Hitler was crazy. Although it has never been proven that he had syphilis, there is a good possibility he was suffering from the mania that syphilis causes in its later stages. His medical records indicate that from a very young age he was being treated for a variety of symptoms that all relate to syphilis. Plus the doctor who was treating him was known at that time for being an authority on the treatment of the disease. There was no cure for it back then. You could live with it for decades, but it did indeed make you lose your mind over time, and more so in its advanced stages.

Some researchers claim there is no evidence of his Jew-hatred as a younger person, before his mother died and before he probably contracted the disease (if he did). One of the things he believed, and used it as part of his smear campaign against the Jews, was that the Jews were the cause of syphilis. Maybe he just happened to catch it from someone who was Jewish!

Again, not proven, but a logical explanation for his state of mind. And I know you didn't ask about Jews in particular, but the point of my (long!) answer is that he may have been truly crazy from syphilis, and there is usually no understandable reason for the things that crazy people do. He started with the Jews and just steamrolled on to others he felt were "inferior".

He was a right wing nationalist and a law and order man.
Such people usually hate commies and gypsies;although hitler took this hatred to an extreme level like everything he did.