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but i dont know why he died? Old age? Disease? i know he was not assasinated so yea... lol

Best Answer - Chosen by Asker: I KNOW WHEN AND WHERE!

but i dont know why he died? Old age? Disease? i know he was not assasinated so yea... lol

Grant died of throat cancer on July 23, 1885 in Mount McGregor, New York.

think it was lung cancer, 1880 or so.


Same reason everyone dies...lack of blood to his brain.

If you want to know the rest of the story, go to a Search Engine site (i.e.: Google), and type: "Bio: Ulysses S Grant"...the engine will return hundreds of sites to look at. :D

when and where....not how?

Died July 23, 1885 (aged 63)
Mount McGregor, New York

He died of throat and jaw cancer.

Yes. It was throat cancer. Should have cut back on those cigars.

"should have cut back on those cigars" is correct.

But there is a sad irony here. Grant liked to smoke cigars, but only began to do so HEAVILY after he became a hero as "Unconditional Surrender Grant". That happened at a time when the North was DESPERATE for generals who would fight! Thankful 'fans', hearing he liked a good cigar, sent him carton after carton of them. Hence began the chain-smoking that led to his terminal (and very painful) cancer.

I hope you have by now heard of the OTHER remarkable story connected to his death... and how the cancer, in a sense, gave us all a marvelous gift.

For years people had been clamoring for him to write his memoirs, but he had only published a brief article or two --yet it was enough for people to recognize the simple elegance of his prose --direct and clear. (This had served him so well as a general sending commands to his officers. No matter how terse they always understood *exactly* what he was directing.)

THEN -- double calamity --

1) First, financial. Grant had always been too trusting, and it had cost him.; (This was what led to all the scandals that tainted his otherwise rather good Presidential administrations, though he himself was not implicated in any of them.)

His son convinced him to join a business venture with him and another partner. Though he was only a nominal partner, when the other partner proved a thief, and defrauded their customers, leaving a huge debt, Ulysses regarded himself honor bound to make good on it (though others did not expect it)..

This put Grant in desperate financial straits.

2) Then came the diagnosis of terminal cancer --and Grant was about to die and leave his family destitute.

That's when he finally agreed to the suggestion of his friend Mark Twain to write his memoirs and publish them privately --no guaranteed income, but potential for a lot. Well, the SUBSCRIPTION drive was enormously successful (esp. amongst the families of Union soldiers)..

Grant wrote through the painful cancer, and in fact only finished his final edits the WEEK he finally succumbed. But he had provided handsomely for his family.. and left us what may consider THE finest military memoir ever written.