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Question: Information about CBE'S!?
One of my Gt!. Uncles recieved a CBE as a result of WW1!. Is there anyway of finding out what he recieved it for!? e!.g records or archives!.Www@QuestionHome@Com

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Try the web site below

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Have you tried the National Archives website!? They have their catalogue of records online and some of the war ones you can actually pay to view online!. They will be the best place to start with your query and have useful leaflets on how to research different aspects of your family history like military history etc


I would also see if you can view the Times Digital Archive through your local library!. I know I have access to it through mine!. The CBE would have been reported in the Times as they certainly listed all the medals people received etc!. If you can't get hold of it through your library, contact me through my profile and I can do a look up for you!.

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do you know which regiment he served in!?their regimental museum would be able to helpWww@QuestionHome@Com