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Question: Surname Oschar!? what is origin of it!?
My surname is Oschar, i have tried many times to locate the origins of my Surname in German ancestry, but no luck!. Its difficult and a hard time tracing back my ancestry due to mostly the main parts of our family was killed during the second World War (after the end of the war we are not Jewish)!.

Our grandfather was Friedrich Oschar, he was a German soldier with the Waffen SS (meaning our blood line had to be traced some how for him to even join so the Surname most've existed one time or another since the SS were strict on these matters) and unfortunately we never spoke and died before I met him, same for my grandmother!. I am of German decent, but there is no information about my surname, my father does not know either!.

I am puzzled about my origins its sad because I have no relatives to relate to expect my Father, Mother and two brothers and a Aunt (fathers sister) here in America!.

From what I've gathered it was a common first name for males in Germany, but never a surname and nothing more!.

I was wondering if anyone could perhaps shed some light on the matter for me!?

I would highly appreciate it!.
Thank you all

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I'm not sure if I can be of help except to offer my encouragement!. I looked at your question because your last name, when pronounced, sound very similar to mine!. I am in almost the exact same situation!. I haven't been able to find anything previous to the Ellis Island records and according to my grandmother, they mistakenly put my great-grandfather's first name as his last!. Oskar is a very common first name in Germany!.

I took the liberty of looking up the Ellis Island Info on your name!. Hope it can be a bit of help!. Good Luck!

Name of Passenger Residence Arrived Age
1!. Joseph Oschar Pittsburgh, U!.S!.A!. 1923 35
2!. Marianna Oschar Pittsburgh, U!.S!.A!. 1923 24
3!. Mathilde Oschar 1907 29
4!. Nikolai Oschar Plezwisce, Russia 1908 20 Www@QuestionHome@Com

Do a search on the web, everyone has a cousin that they haven't seen in years who has done some of the research already!. in a search engine type in
(your last name)+genealogy
you can also try
(your last name)+family
Good LuckWww@QuestionHome@Com