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Question: How am I related (if at all) to this person!?
The short version: is it possible for me to share a common blood relative with someone without the two of us being blood relatives ourselves!?

The long version: I'll work backwards!. My mother and uncle (William) are half-siblings through their mother, my grandmother!. Therefore, I am blood related to William (obviously)!. My uncle's father (my grandmother's ex-husband, a different man from my mother's father) has a sister who had a granddaughter (Shannon)!. Am I related to Shannon!? If so, what is her relation to me!?

I have come to the conclusion that William is Shannon's mother's cousin, thus making William Shannon's 2nd cousin!. However, I feel that the blood relation stops there, as I am not a direct descendant of William!. I feel that the more determining relation is how Shannon is related to my grandmother, which she's not!.

Shannon and I first met three years ago (we are both in our twenties)!. Even if there is no relation between us, would it be a faux pas for us to pursue a romantic relationship!? I have asked Shannon directly if we're related and she laughed it off!. Even my own grandmother has said that we're not related!.


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Shannon is a grand-niece to your grandmother!. Unless both Shannon and the grandmother don't want to have that type of relationship, it would be best not to argue otherwise!. Your grandmother was probably only leaving the possibility of a relationship between you and Shannon open, not denouncing her as a relative!. Relationships are not determined by blood alone as marriages often establish them just as strongly, especially with aunt & uncle combinations!. Pursuing a romantic relationship with her is fine, both legally and morally!. In most states, even 2nd cousins can marry whether related by blood or marriage!. Your only real obstacle is Shannon!. Hopefully, she was laughing off the being related question and not the implicit one so good luck with that!. Www@QuestionHome@Com

By blood, no, by historical relationship, distantly, but there is nothing to prevent the two of you getting together, but as Jackalyn said, "Yikes" just about covers it!.

Good luck to the two of you, but do me a favour!. If you do get together, please wrote down your complete family history and both sign it, or no one will ever believe it!. :-)Www@QuestionHome@Com


You are in no way related to Shannon!.Www@QuestionHome@Com

youre not
good luck!!