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Question: Any one out raged with the Junior Leauge whom sponsored the tree of lights ,at the radison hotel of kalamazoo!.!?
So ok the junior leauge of kalamazoo!. michigan sponsored the tree of lights festivele this weekend at the radison hotel in kalamazoo ,michigan!.!. tickets were just $4!.00 and when advertised in the local paper no additional price was mentioned!! but as it went while at the tree of lights yesterday they wanted an additional fee of $7!.50 to see santa claus in the room he was at!!!even more appalling santa gave out stupid mcdonalds toys which is my quess donated to the junior leauge!.!.!.!.it is just quite appalling that any one such as the junior leauge of kalamazoo has no compasion !.why would any one put a price on santa claus in the first place!.!.then with all the citizens here in kalamazoo ,michigan whom have lost there jobs,etcand are scraping by from pay check to pay check!.there should have never been any, price set on seeing santa claus!!! was anyone else just as outraged with the tree of lights festive here at the radison hotel in kalamazoo,michigan this weekend!?!? heck i am making a note to self! next year if i want to see decoated holiday trees i will just go to the crossroads mall and admire them for free!.!.or take my child to bronson park in down town kalamazoo,michigan!.!.and shame on the junior leauge of kalamazoo michigan!!Www@QuestionHome@Com

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You might do better to clean up your spelling, make your statement into about three paragraphs and send it to the editor of the Kalamazoo paper!. Genealogy here is about dead ancestors, and only a small percentage of the population in Kalamazoo (or anywhere else) is interested in it!.

You might ask the Junior League how much of that $7!.50 went to them and how much will go to buy food for the hungry, too!. If it all goes for "Administrative Expenses", you have a valid point!. If they turn it all in to the Salvation Army or the Inter-Faith Ministries Food Bank, you do not!.

$7!.50 does seem like a lot to see Santa!. If, however, it was aimed at rich people, and the money goes to charity, then it was a little like having a fancy $100 a plate dinner to raise money for the homeless!. Even if that was the case, they should have warned people!.Www@QuestionHome@Com

alot of my friends go to school out in kalamazoo!. i didnt hear about this though!.

but ya i agree with you!. especially with michigans economy right now, they shouldnt put a price on santa!. i mean even tho its 7!.50 only, alot of people are barely getting by and that does make a difference to them!.

kids no matter what should be able to see santa and get a stupid little toy!. to put a price on that is so selfish!.Www@QuestionHome@Com