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Question: Village names similar to Little Hangleton!?
I'm writing a story that takes place in a small village during the mid 1800's, and it reminds me of Little Hangleton from the Harry Potter series, but with fewer people!. What are some similar village names!? (ex: Godric's Hollow, Spinner's End)Www@QuestionHome@Com

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Here are a few for you!. All genuine places on the map:

Little Cressingham
Burnham Deepdale
Salford Priors
Lampeter Vefrey
Potter Heigham
Ramsey St Mary'
Beauchamp Roding
Kilton Thorpe
Claybrook Magna!.


English placenames are endlessly delightful and unlikely!. Here are some more perfectly genuine English villages and hamlets:

Nempnett Thrubwell (Somerset)
Chew Magna (Somerset)
Chew Stoke (Somerset)
Monksilver (Somerset)
Piddletrenthide (Dorset)
Plush (Dorset)
Folly (Dorset)
Pennycomequick (Devon)
Labour in Vain (Kent)
Cold Christmas (Hertfordshire)
Upper Slaughter (Gloucestershire)
Lower Slaughter (Gloucestershire)
Matching Green (Essex)
Bunny (Nottinghamshire)
Ugley (Essex)
Loose (Kent)

But really you could find things as good as these on any large-scale map of any part of England!.

PS: It's alleged that in the last two places on my list the local branches of the Women's Institute have a special dispensation to refer to themselves in the form "The Women's Institute of Ugley" rather than in the standard format "The Ugley Women's Institute"!.!.!.