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Question: Finding my biological parents!.!.!.!.!?!?!?!?!?
I was wondering if anyone knows any information about how to find biological parents (I was adopted)!.
My situations kind of difficult though because my record was already released to me three years ago!.!.!.but it sort of had no answers and there's no guarantee that my real dad even knows he has a kid!.
I know that my biological mum's dead, but I want to know about my dad!. I don't know his name or anything, just that he had an Australian accent and he was my mum's last client (yes she was a prostitute) before she died!.
There was a police investigation into her death and I think my real dad might have been interviewed, is there a way of checking or getting details!?!?
also I live in the UK!.

Any help is appreciated =) ThanksWww@QuestionHome@Com

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I should imagine you've got to try asking the police about getting access to this records!. Chances are, they'll quote the Data Protection Act at you and hope you'll go away!. You'll probably have to be persistant and apply under the Freedom of Information Act!. Given that you are your mums next of kin then you shouldn't have too much of a problem trying to get access to the records the police hold!. You may have to perhaps hire the services of a lawyer to try and speed things along!. Bear in mind that the police may not routinely have kept all the papers relating to the case, unless it is still open!. Many records are routinely destroyed after 7years - sometimes more, I'm not sure what the timescale is - but the general point is that they can't keep collecting bits of paper and other evidence for evermore as it will just take over the storage facility!. At some point, some of the less important and irrevelant stuff will get shredded - the rest will eventually get sent to the nearest County Record Office, usually with a 100year disclosure rule before true 'open access' will be given!. Until then, you have to apply on a case-by-case basis!. Only full sets of papers relating to the most high profile cases are likely to have been kept!. If it was decided that there were no suspicious circumstances for example, then the papers have probably long since been destroyed!. I wish you luck!. It all depends on the individual police forces document retention policy!. They should have an official archvist somewhere - probably at the county police HQ!. Any request for access will probably have to be made to either the Chief Constable themselves or their Deputy!. If they refuse, you may have to ask your MP for assistance or apply through the Home Office under the Freedom of Information Act!. I wouldn't be surprised if you were charged for the cost in man-hours for finding and pulling this information out of storage!. You are really going to have to be persistant with the authorities at large and make a lot of noise until they either get fed up of you asking or arrest you!. It all depends how badly you want it!. You seem to have done pretty well so far!.Www@QuestionHome@Com

From your records, can you find out who is your real dad!?

If not, since there was a police investigation, can you go to the police station and make enquires!? You may need to approach the justice department to ask them to ask the police to release information on the investigation and your dad!.

Perhaps you can also approach your mayor for advice!.Www@QuestionHome@Com