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Question: How do I trace my family tree if my dad is adopted!?
My dad was adopted when he was a kid and Im not sure if he knows anything really about his bio parents and such!. I really would like to one day trace the family tree to see if anything interesting shows up!. I know if I had a professional genealogy person do it, it would be pricey!. Any help from someone who knows about this!? Oh and I live in Ohio & do not have my dads number and he lives 3 hrs away, so getting info would be kinda hard!.Www@QuestionHome@Com

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This is a tough one, and I guess his birth was registered but maybe under different first and last names!.

I assume he married and tracking that down may give some background as to who his parents or adopted parents were!.

Do you know if he had any brothers or sisters you can track down !?

Is there anyone you can write to!? sounds as if your dad is alive so write to him if you can he may know some details!.

Your quest is NOT impossible, just difficult, the service I used is good and has given me loads of sensible tips - its UK based but works worldwide!.

Good luckWww@QuestionHome@Com

the technical "norm" in genealogy is to trace the bio lineage!. If you choose to go that route!.!. the obvious thing is that the bio parents must be known, to be traced!. That is going to depend on if there was an actual legal adoption or informal one!. Even with legal adoptions, it might be known in the family!.
The alternative (and what my adoptive son chooses) is that the adoptive line is what he/you accepts, and you trace that!.
Whichever way you choose!.!.!. your dad has to be involved, since he is still living, and has the right to be!. You COULD contact other family (grandparents, etc), but you cannot do anything without starting info!.
Yes, professionals can be expensive!. There are times when you might consider hiring someone for a specific item!. Overall, most experienced (non professionals) do this for the pleasure and challenge!. Hiring someone is like paying a person to go out to dinner and the movies "for you"!. Makes no sense!.
EITHER way!.!.it is simply a process of finding records, one at a time, and building a path back!. Each person and record is unique, which is why it always remains challenging and fresh!.
one of many guides!.!.!. you also might check out www!.cyndislist!.com which has tons of resources!.
None of my business as to why you are not in touch with dad!.!. just the observation that genealogy has been known to be one form of reconciliation and bonding!. My mother was estranged from her family!. When I finally learned about what her parents went through (immigrants to Chicago), I gained a lot of understanding for things that were mystifying before!. Www@QuestionHome@Com

you can't do anything!. Your father has to contact the adoption agency or adoptive parents and get information from them!.

finding a phone number is simple compared to researching a family tree!. start there Www@QuestionHome@Com

You could either include him as your 'real father' or,
ask your mother some questions about your real father,
and start filling in a family tree!.

if your last name is uncommon, try googling it!.Www@QuestionHome@Com