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Question: Where can i look up my heritage!?
i know im hispanic but i wanna know if i have any other heritages!.
i only want legit websites!. sites that have been used beforeWww@QuestionHome@Com

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Don't expect to put a name in a website and find your family tree!. The only way your family will be in any of the family trees is, for instance, if some distant cousin or someone that has married into your family has put it online!.

Now, if anyone has told you that they have found their family tree online, please tell them unless they have verified it with documents, they don't know if what they have found is accurate or not!.
The family trees are not submitted by some expert working for the websites, but by folks like you and me!. They are subscriber submitted and most are not documented or they are poorly documented!. You will frequently see different info on the same people from different subscribers!. Then you will see repeatedly the absolute same info on the same people from different subscribers but that is no proof it is correct!. A lot of people copy without verifying!.
The information can be useful as clues as to where to get the documentation!.

The best site I feel for the amount of records online is Ancestry!.Com!. They have all the U!.S!. censuses through 1930!. The 1940 and later are not available to the public yet!. They have immigration, military, land and other records!. They have indexes to vital records(birth,marriage and death) of many U!.S!. states!.
Now, not all records are online!. However, the ones they have will save you from having to travel all over the country to courthouses, state libraries, National Archives offices etc for them!.

You might want to find out if your public library has a subscription to it and work on it awhile before you subscribe and can work on it from your own home!.

A good free source is a Family History Center at a Latter Day Saints(Mormon) Church!. They have records on people all over the world, not just Mormons!. In Salt Lake City, they have the world's largest genealogical collection!. Their FHCs can order microfilm for you to view at a nominal fee!.

I have never had them to try and convert me or send their missionaries by to ring my doorbell!. I haven't heard of them doing that to anyone else that has used their resources!. Just call the nearest Mormon Church or visit their free website, FamilySearch!.org, to get their hours for the general public!.

Some will suggest a DNA tests!. If you want to know get a picture of what all is in your heritage understand that Y & Mitochondrial are a very minute part of your total DNA!. Y & Mitochondrial are used by genealogy DNA companies to hep match you with other family trees, but they are useless if you want to get a total picture of
"what all you have in you!."

Y goes from father to son only!.

Mitochondrial goes from mother to both sons and daughters but only the daughters pass it on to their children!.

If you have both the Y & Mitochondrial done it will not provide you with any information on your ancestors that married into your direct Y & Mitochondrial lines!. For iinstance, your paterrnal grandmother and your maternal grandfather will not be included!.

Most of the companies that is all they use!. They will tell you they can help you discover your "deep ancestral roots," but understand it is only in 2 lines!.

If you get back to your 6xgreat grandparents, barring any duplicates, you are directly descended from 510 individuals!. Of those 510 individuals you get your Y DNA from only 8 and your Mitochondrial DNA from only 8 leaving out 494 people!.

Most of your DNA is Autosomal!. You get it from both parents coming down from all your ancestors!. There is only one site that I know of that will use Autosomal to match you with population groups throughout the world!. That is

Now, don't expect it to tell you that you are 1/4 Mestizo!., 1/4 Portuguese, 1/4 Irish and 1/4 French!. It doesn't work that way!. When you go into their site, there is a way to send them an email and ask questions!.