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Question: Need genealogical help!?
I have hit a brick wall in a genealogical line and hope someone can help!.

I am looking for the parents of either George Wilson (born 9 Aug 1832 IN, died 5 Feb 1904 IN) or his wife Hannah Reed (born 1 Jan 1841, died 19 May 1899)!. Both are buried in Moore's Ridge Cemetery in Orange county, Indiana!. I believe they were Quakers!.

Their children are Adaline, James, Alice, Laura, Margaret, and Harriet!.

Any help would be great!. Proof of lineage is preferred (census records, etc)


Best Answer - Chosen by Asker:
There is a George Wilson listed in the 1900 U!.S!. Census living in Paoli, Orange County, Indiana!. He was living with an 11 year old female named Mary Jones!. His father is listed as being born in Ohio his mother listed as being born in Pennsylvania!.

The 1880 U!.S!. Census lists his spouse as Anna R (but could be a misread of the handwriting)!. Children listed are Elizabeth (age 21), Adaline (15), James (13), Alice (11), Margaret (3), and Hattie (7months)!. No Laura listed!. Anna's parents are listed as being from Pennsylvania (father) and Ohio (mother)!. Names for either parent are not listed!.

The Moore's Ridge Cemetery lists a James A!. Wilson (Jun 22,1795-6 to October 6, 1842) that could possibly be George's father!. He would be at the right age and families were generally buried together!. James was a Captain in the Black Hawk War!. There appear to be some stones missing from the cemetery records!. Some stones list wife of Azor Wilson or wife of Hance Wilson, but neither Azor or Hance are listed in the cemetery records!.Www@QuestionHome@Com

I'm assuming you have been to www!.ancestry!.com!?

They were very helpful with actual census reports!.Www@QuestionHome@Com


George Wilson --
Birth: 1834 in Indiana
Shows him married twice:
1!. Rachel Taylor b: 1839 in Orange County, IN; d!. 1854 in Orange County, IN
Married: 27 OCT 1853 in Orange County, IN
Children: Elizabeth Jane (Jenny) Wilson b: 29 MAR 1854 in Orange County, IN (Listed occupation as a COOK in 1880 census)
William Wilson b: 1855 in Orange Co!., Indiana
Mary A!. Wilson b: 1857 in Orange Co!., Indiana

Marriage 2 Hannah R!. Reed b: 1842 in Indiana on 30 JUN 1864 in Orange Co!., Indiana !. Their children:
Adaline Wilson b: 1865 in Orange Co!., Indiana
James Wilson b: 1867 in Orange Co!., Indiana
Alice Wilson b: 1869 in Orange Co!., Indiana
Laura A!. Wilson b: 1873 in Orange Co!., Indiana
Margaret Wilson b: 1877 in Orange Co!., Indiana
Hattie M!. Wilson b: OCT 1879 in Orange Co!., Indiana

Hannah CARROLL (marriage info & children the same, but mother's birthplace here was not in Ohio):
Birth: 1841 in French Lick, Orange, Indiana
Father: William CARROLL b: Dec 1812 in Orange County, Indiana
Mother: Elizabeth SIMMONS b: 2 Feb 1811 in Fleming County, Kentucky
Marriage 1 George WILSON b: 1834 in French Lick, Orange, Indiana
Elizabeth WILSON b: 1862 in Paoli, Orange, Indiana
Adaline WILSON b: 1864 in Paoli, Orange, Indiana
James WILSON b: 1867 in Paoli, Orange, Indiana

1860 Census:
Name: George Wilson
Birth: abt 1834 - Indiana
Residence: 1860 - French Lick, Orange, Indiana
Household Members: Name Age
George Wilson 26
Rachel Wilson 21
William Wilson 5
Mary A Wilson 3

1880 Census you mentioned:
Name: George Wilson
Spouse: Anna R!.
Birth: abt 1834 - Indiana
Residence: 1880 - Paoli, Orange, Indiana

(Guess that's all I can find for now!. Got the "Check Back Soon" Page again from ancestry!.com--all thanks to www!.findagrave!.com making me lose all I had found!. BOO HOO ;(!. Do you know if Hannah was married twice, too--since the one listing shows her as REED and the other with her father's name of CARROLL!?!?Www@QuestionHome@Com