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Question: Can u find a person without a last name!?
i am looking for a person and i only have is first name and birth date and the state he lives in does any1 have a site where u can put in a person's birth date and find someone!? i dont have his last name and every site i go on requires the last name please help its super important

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Sorry, but I don't think there are any sites that allow you to search by just first name and date of birth!. And even if there are, they definitely won't let you search for someone under 18, there would be all kinds of people worrying about people trying to kidnap kids using that information!.

If you had the person's zip / postal code then that would really narrow down the possibilities, and if you have their house phone number then you could get the names of his or her parents (and get his or her last name from that)Www@QuestionHome@Com

There is no such thing!. The internet is not a magic wand and does not have everything in the world on it!. You are expecting too much, and you are expecting that someone would actually spend the time and money to get the name, birth date, and city of residence of everyone in the world and then put it on the internet for you to find a specific person in the manner you are asking about!.Www@QuestionHome@Com

During the Middle Ages, you could probably find Tom, the Miller's son, age 16, in the neighboring village!. However, contemporary society simply doesn't keep records that way: When a teacher calls the roll, he or she calls the names in alphabetical order as they are listed by last name or surname; the telephone directory also lists entries by last name first!. Except in a group of very close friends or perhaps within a single classroom, hardly anyone is known only by his or her last name!.


You could go to Facebook or MySpace and search there, although there's no place to insert a birthdate!. But without a last name, it will be a very lengthy and tedious process!.

Good luck!

PS: Next time you make a friend, make sure to get their last name!Www@QuestionHome@Com