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Question: Ballet teacher!?
Ok!. So i'm 15 and have recently taken up ballet!. i KNOW that it's pretty unreasonable for me to aspire to become and prima ballerina and professionally dance!.!.thats not what i want!. I would absolutely looovvveee;when i'm older, to teach ballet!.
dou you think that by beginning ballet now, dancing all through high school!. and then i'll diligently take ballet through college and like minor in dance!.!.i could become a teacher!?!?
like what are the requirements to be a ballet teacher!?Www@QuestionHome@Com

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I think that's wonderful that you aspire to be a ballet dance teacher!. I started ballet when I was also 15 and danced through high school and then in college!. I didn't want to be a teacher but I love to dance!. I totally think you can do it!. I know some of my friends taught ballet when they were in high school!. Some times you can ask to be a student teacher for younger baby classes!. As you get better, you might be able to teach older classes!. I also remember some older college students getting a teacher's certificate from my ballet school and they got to choreagraph dance recitals and teach senior ballet classes too!.Www@QuestionHome@Com

Yes definitely you can become a teacher!.

Unfortunately, anyone can open up an dance studio!. Even people completely untrained in it!. DO NOT DO THIS!. Although there are no law requirements for a ballet teacher, you should still have credentials and qualifications! If not the you will be another one of those people out there giving poor training and breaking children's hearts!.

There are pathways you can take to become a teacher!. Sure a college degree is great, but i personally think it is much better to go through a dance or ballet syllabus and become an accredited tech with them!. Syllabuses like RAD, BAL, BBO, ISTD, CSTD etc offer teacher accreditations!.

If you do not already, I would find a dance studio or ballet school which focuses on a syllabus!. I'm not too sure about each different syllabus, but generally you have to have taken exams with the syllabus, and further study to gain teacher qualifications!.

Hope I helped!Www@QuestionHome@Com

in some pplaces you can start a dance teaching course when your 15!. although i dont know the names of the degrees and such im sure you ccan find that out by asking at the colleges and also by looking at dance school perspectives- they'll definitley have the degrees in themWww@QuestionHome@Com

ive u get ur college degree and know what your doing youll do fine!. :D
my dance teacher said on some days in college they went to go teach a class for a day to see what it was like and how much fun you can have with it!. "]Www@QuestionHome@Com