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Question: I really want to teach dance how can I get the job!?
I live in The Woodlands, Texas and I really am interested in teaching a class for girls interested in becoming a Highland Girl or Gingham Girl one day which is our town's Junior High drill teams!. I have been a highland Girl for two years and I was a high ranking officer (Lt!. Major)
I just recently made the highschool drill team, so my highland girl years are over, but I would love to help girls who are trying out for highland girls in the future!. I remember what it was like trying out in 6th grade and I love working with younger kids!. I would love to teach actual classes or maybe just do privates for girls who want one-on-one attention!. Would anyone happen to know how I could go about doing this!?
Thank you so much!

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This is not an impossible dream!. There will be many parents and children who want your assistance!. Talk to the Jr!. high school principal and the high school drill team coach!. Tell them your dreams!. When a position comes up they will remember you!. Stay enthusiastic and in touch with them!. Private lessons are something parents and teachers will pay for if everyone sees results!.Www@QuestionHome@Com