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Question: I have pulled my hamstring doing the splits, is there any exercises / streches you know to get over this!?
And has this happened to any one else cos it's appened to me 2 yet all my dancing mates seem unaffected!.
How did you cope!?!?!?Www@QuestionHome@Com

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I've pulled both hamstrings a number of times!. Pulled hamstrings take a *long* time to heal!. Depending on the severity of the injury, it could be anywhere from several weeks to six months (although the longest it ever took for me was about three months)!.

The best thing you can do is warm up!. Never, ever, ever, ever, ever stretch cold, especially a muscle that has been pulled before!. This makes you even more susceptible to tears!. also, do not ever "bounce" in a stretch, as this can lead to tears as well!.

I would not stretch your hamstring very much until it has completely stopped hurting!. also, do not do anything in class or rehearsal that makes it hurt!. Tell your teacher you are injured and she will understand!.

Now, muscles repair themselves by building scar tissue!. Now, muscle fibers all run parallel to each other, which helps them stretch a lot!. Scar tissue is laid down in all different directions, so it is much less elastic!. Very *gentle* stretching encourages the fibers to be laid parallel!. Icing your hamstring after class (never before class - put a heating pad on it before class) can help reduce scar tissue build-up as well!.

Avoid "testing" the muscle to see if it's better!. You may accidentally re-injure it!. No matter how strong the temptation is, you need to rest the muscle for it to heal!. This means don't try to do the splits for a while, among other things!.Www@QuestionHome@Com

This may have happened to you because you weren't yet warm before you went into the splits!. Remember to do hamstring, quad, and hip stretches to warm up your muscles so they can get ready to stretch further to do the splits!.

A good hamstring stretch is to sit on the ground, right leg straight , left leg bent - sort of like a hurdle position!. then stretch forward , do this for both legs , it really helps !.

good luck healing, and remember to stretch !Www@QuestionHome@Com

Do not stretch while it is healing!. I have pulled hamstrings 4 times and 3 weeks ago I pulled the inner part of my thigh possibly my groin!. I pulled it doing a scissor second!. I had dance team tryouts at my college two days after and stretched and leaped even though it was very painful!. This led to me hurting it worse getting a huge bruise on my leg (never happended in the 4 other muscles i have pulled) and not being able to leap or stretch for over a week!. The best thing I can tell you to do is ice it, rest it meaning no stretching or leaping, use an ace bandage to wrap it with, and use icy hot(which i was litterly addicted to the whole time mine was hurt!. Advil or tylenol can help to!. Mine go the point where it hurt so bad even doing choreography or walking hurt!. Hopefully yours wont get that bad though!. Just remember DON'T STRETCH no matter how much you want to!. It killed me to not be able to but now my leg is better and I didn't lose any flexiblitly!. I hope you feel better soon!Www@QuestionHome@Com

ask your dance teacher for some stretches that are good for you because they do know best :]
this has happened to me two times and it is such a pain! for a few days don't do your splits! that would not be smart and you would hurt yourself even more! all you do is simple stretches but if your hamstring starts hurting then stop! feel better :]Www@QuestionHome@Com

Ring NHS direct on 08454647!. They will give you professional, helpful and fully confidential advice!.
Best wishes JWww@QuestionHome@Com

you stretch more before you go into the splitsWww@QuestionHome@Com