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Question: How many calories am i burning in a week!?
How much am i burning!? Im 11 years old and im taking dance for all intermediate levels!. I take jazz, tap, ballet and hip hop!
Monday - 2 hours = Ballet and Tap
Thursday - 1 hour = Ballet
Friday - 3 hours = Tap, Jazz, Ballet
Sat - 1 hour = Jazz
Sunday - 1 hour = Anything
We always workout before we dance to find our centers!. Like sit-ups and push ups and splits!. Is this a little or alot that i am burning!? I might quit dance next year, i've been dancing for 4 years and i don't know if i should quit, tell me some reasons why i should and why i shouldn't either!.!.!.!.Thanks!Www@QuestionHome@Com

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well ur burning a LOT of calories!. Im 21 and iv been dancing since 5!. i love it! If u love it and have a passion that u couldnt bare to stop, like me, then keep goin!. if u don like it then STOP! dion push ur self to do somthin u don like!Www@QuestionHome@Com

Stop worrying about your calories!. You are not fat, out of shape or ugly!. Thats the last thing you should be worrying about!.Www@QuestionHome@Com