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Question: Britney Spears Music Video Dance Moves!?
So, I've been a Britney fan all my life!. And I want to relearn some of her dance moves!. eg!. the pelvic thrust, the dick in the 'gina move, the pole dancing sequences, the bj imitations, and the boob jiggle!. In fact, I'm trying to choreograph toxic!. Where can I go for help or could you make any suggestions!?

THANKS, I'm a 39 year old male!.Www@QuestionHome@Com

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me too mate, me too, she hot as that b*tch :PWww@QuestionHome@Com



if your being serious (!?) :s

look on youtube for videos of people showing you how to do each step
search something like toxic choreographed routine!.
i havent checked so it might not work!