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How much do strippers get paid per night?

Sounds fun. Might give it a try!

Best Answer - Chosen by Asker: usually they pay a fee to work at the club, not the other way around. That fee could be anywhere from $50-$400 per night depending on the club and the night.

A top notch classy club would (obviously) charge the higher fee to the dancers.

Then, of course, the dancers solicit lap dances and get a few bucks when the hit the main stage. Lap dances are where the real money is of course, and despite paying a fee to work there, and not getting benefits because you're considered an independent contractor, you could still earn between $200-$1000 per night, often paid in cash (which means it's up to you to claim it on your taxes or not). You don't keep 100% of your lap dance fee either. You would have to tip out the DJ, and the waitresses, and probably give a % to the club too.

As you can tell from my description, there is a wide variety here, and chances are you will not make any money some nights, and may not make much when you're learning the ropes. You might even owe money some nights. You'll also have to look out for competitive other dancers who might try and steal your money when your back is turned.

If you are really good at making men think they have a chance with you, then you could eventually make that top dollar, but you probably won't get there overnight or every night. You may also pick up a few (shall we say) habits that kind of go with the territory, so that will cut into your cash too.

Just wanted you to have a fair picture of it.

To Mercury Man who also answered; a profession does not demean women, nor does nudity, in and of itself. Women (or men for that matter) choose to be demeaned, or to assert themselves, but a woman who chooses to make money by talking off her clothes to a bunch of (mainly) overweight lonely guys, many of whom probably drop thousands a year on these clubs is hardly being demeaned. Sounds more like the other way around to me, except that everyone, stripper and club goer has a choice.